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Fiberglass Pools

We are partnered with the highest quality fiberglass pool brands in the pool industry. We offer all-variety of fiberglass pool styles, depths, and sizes from modern to free-form that will surely give the entertainment you’ve been dreaming of. Load up the cannonball and have us design your dream fiberglass swimming pool today!

Fiberglass Pool Advantage


Fiberglass pools built till now

At this point, it has become an accepted fact in the swimming pool industry that fiberglass pools are easiest and most cost efficient pools to maintenance. For example, at Fox Bros Pools we have installed over 300 pools in Central Florida and we've found the average consumer spends less than a hour a week maintaining their fiberglass swimming pool. That’s big TIME savings compared its predecessor.

Average install time 3-4 weeks!

Fiberglass pools have a non-slip surface built directly into the mold. This key innovation makes the fiberglass pool shell nonabrasive. Granting the advantage of longer swim sessions and less painful feet!


Other key Differences


Fiberglass Pools

  • Guarantee - Lifetime Structure Warranty
  • Maintenance hours per week - 2-4 Hours
  • Installation Time - 4-6 weeks 
  • Cost Per Month - $50
  • Bank Acceptance - Financing Available
  • Surface - Smooth/Non-slippery
  • Sub-Contractors - 2-3
  • Re-Plastering - 30+
  • Quality Controlled - By the factory
  • Other Considerations - No chemical usage


  • Guarantee - Lifetime Structure Warranty
  • Maintenance per week - 4-8 Hours
  • Installation Time - 2-3 months
  • Cost Per Month - $100
  • Bank Acceptance - Financing Available
  • Surface - Coarse
  • Sub-Contractors - 6-8
  • Re-marcite/ Re-Plastering - 5-10 Years
  • Quality Controlled - By Installer
  • Other Considerations - Customizations are limitless


Discover your dream backyard with Fox Bro's Pools. No project is beyond our expertise, big or small!

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